Art Classes London Beginners Drawing and Painting Lessons and Courses in Studio
Art Classes London Beginners Drawing and Painting Lessons and Courses in Studio

London Art Classes - Art Classes Student Reviews

Our students are wonderful and help make the classes what they are. Here's what they have to say about our drawing and painting classes.

"Inspirational and highly knowledgeable teacher! Working studio is a great place to learn and develop. Lots of ideas and materials to use! I always look forward to class, I count down the days! The other students are brilliant, interesting to meet new people all of whom have different backgrounds and reasons for wanting to create art." Laura


“Very inspired curriculum and enthusiastic teacher. Wonderful atmosphere.” Victoria


"Allowed to work at my own pace and explore art, help is just a call away. Nick is always on hand to give advice on relevant artists, all delivered with love and humour, a rare gift. Great facilities, have been able to use all mediums, great view from studio, great breaks with inspiring short films. Going to art classes takes me away from my everyday world and helps me connect with my creativity for days after." Warren 


"The course touches on art history, art theory and also has a strong emphasis on practicality. It's well rounded and well planned. Nice size classes, with a warm and friendly atmosphere." Rehana


"Very relevant. Appropriate to all levels, beginners to advanced. Very inspirational and knowledgeable teacher. Great opportunity to progress my talents. Personal and hospitable atmosphere. Small class, providing more personal attention and getting to know fellow students better." Roslynne


"Very relevant, pace is personal. Very inspiring teacher - you are offered every possible opportunity to progress. Lovely arty classroom/studio with a London view across rooftops. Class sizes are excellent." Sian
"The pace is suitable for beginner in painting. I feel that I am advancing every lesson.  Nick has got all necessary equipment for the lessons. The light in the studio is amazing. The classes are mixed depending on attendance. Atmosphere encourages attendance and discussion. Nick encourages attending exhibitions and private views." Teija


"Inspiration and thought-provoking tutorials accompanied by ample opportunity to paint, draw, experiment and discuss. Weekly progression and exploration of different ideas. Relaxed gallery atmosphere with endless tea and gorgeous food. Interesting and sociable fellow students, often girls, with a small class size." Lucy


"Very good mixture of theoretical background and practise. Teacher is guiding but never suffocating in his directions. Pace is great and leaves space for each individual's pace. Classroom fits great to the course and all facilities needed are provided plentiful. Really good mix of people and life, as well as cultural backgrounds. No stress, no pressure = fab! Good size of classes which enables exchange without loosing the personal touch through overcrowding." Stephanie


"Learning from an artist is inspiring. Everyone can join. I have developed a lot during the classes. Since the room is an art studio, it facilitates a creative atmosphere. I always look forward to going to class. It is relaxed and a good place to socialise. The classes are not too big, so there is a good atmosphere." Camill


"Very welcoming, interesting and informative. All levels were accommodated for, and it was great for a beginner like me." Debbie


"I would highly recommend Nick's art classes. He is very enthusiastic, friendly and encouraging. The course taught me a lot and the environment that we worked in was fantastic." Amanda
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