Life Drawing Classes London
Life Drawing Classes London

London Art Classes - Life Drawing

Our life drawing classes are taught by professional artist Nick Malone in his lovely light working studio.


The classes are mixed ability and everyone is welcome. Unlike other life drawing classes, our classes are small and friendly with a maximum of ten students, so there is lots of personal attention. If you are a beginner - and lots of our students are - there is a completely non-judgmental atmosphere in which to develop your life drawing skills. The life drawing classes are also great if you’d like to produce work for a portfolio. 


What we do in our life drawing class


There are normally three elements to our life drawing classes: 

One: Practical life drawing

The most important element in your time at the studio is personal practice. We normally have a different model to draw each lesson and a variety of shorter and longer poses to practice your skills. The classes are small and Nick will be able to answer any specific questions you might have. 

Two: Instruction in the basic aspects of life drawing

During each lesson there is instruction in one of the issues involved life drawing. These include proportion, perspective, composition, line, gesture, tone, and colour.

Three: Slide show or short film on contemporary art

There are many different approaches to drawing, and each lesson we will look at  the work of a different artist. This helps you to place yourself within the world of contemporary art and develop your own style of working.


Our next life drawing classes will take place every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm from the start of April.  


The class costs £50 including use of materials. 

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